Automation services are all bespoke designs based on the requirements. We are confident that we can manage your requirements through tailored solutions.

Some examples of what can be done.
Office lighting to be on only when light levels are low and people are moving.

Turn on Fans when environment gets too hot.

Turn on your TV and play the news to wake you in the morning.

Voice control your amp to go into cinema mode or music mode. Custom profiles of tasks can be performed.

Turn on / off any device so it is only taking power when you need it. (Printer, Computer, Playstation, Sky Box PLEASE NOTE if this is done no recordings will auto record)

Control bedrooms so that power sockets will shut down after a certain time. (Useful for controlling childrens game/TV time)

Open your Garage door when you come up the drive.

Control lighting in your home by Speech / Phone / light switch. (This is not possible if using Phillips Hue or other smart lights) Retrofit to work with your current lights.

Control your watering in the garden (Irrigation system is required) Hot day then longer watering when the light levels go down.

The possibilites are almost endless.