As companies grow the requirements grow also. There always comes a time when you need to go from working off a set of laptops connecting to a NAS for storage type platform to a more resilient approach. This is where the BIAB (Business in a Box) came from. This gives advantages in so many ways for businesses in the following ways.

  • Centralised data and data permissions.
  • Remote Access
  • User environment standardisation
  • User policies
  • Central anti-virus distribution
  • Seperated and Segregated networks for security against non company devices
  • Data backups and retention.
  • Service Monitoring
  • Scalability
  • Resilience
  • Ownership of Data and recoverability

These to name but a few of the business benefits that can be achieved by building a BIAB environment. Tractive Solutions has a solution already designed that will fit the needs of a growing business. This is the perfect solution for businesses with 5-25 employees that require a corporate environment that will be the stepping stone to the next stage. This product is truly for the Business starting point to enable a business to grow.